My First Big Toys...
I keep looking for more pictures...
The 1953 MG-TD is the first car I ever dreamed of owning. A neighbor of ours at the lake
had one and in the summer I got to ride in it. His was grey...mine was green. It was great fun
to work on and even more fun to drive.
The first of three Jaguars I have owned was a 1959 XK-150 Roadster. I really preferred
the convertible...but this is probably considered more of a classic. It was great...but
it drove like a truck.
My second Jaguar was an E-type, 1969. I never meant to buy it but there it was advertised
in the NY Times one Sunday while I was having my coffee. It was great, but I didn't need it
so I made a crazy, low offer to the owner. He declined it but at the end of the day called to
say no one else bought it so I could have it. It was deep maroon in color and drove much
better than the XK-150.
I had one other Jaguar, a 1960 Mk II 3.8S. It was quite a car. I can't find my pictures of it so for now
I'm putting up a picture of someone else's. It's not fair, I know, but when I find my pictures I will replace
this one:
In the meantime, another British car I loved was my 1970 Lotus Elan. I originally bought
a coupe but it got destroyed at the dealer's before I could take delivery. So I "settled" for
the convertible.
Most of my cars were either British or German. (There were a couple of strange Saabs from Sweden)
The German cars were of such high quality but there was something about the British cars: they didn't
have the quality, but the only way you could truly stop them from running was to drive them into a
stone wall. My 1967 Mini kept running...but it finally rusted away into scrap metal. It had right hand
drive and I would seat Whiskey, my big black lab mix, in the left hand seat. Oncoming cars would
be shocked, thinking the dog was driving the car.
In 2007 I had the urge to get another Mini...and bought one of the new Mini Coopers made by BMW.
It's a WONDERFUL car! All the fun of the old Mini with all the creature comforts of a BMW.
Had Enough? There are more available it you can stomach them. The German cars
can be found here.
We loved the new Mini so much that we bought another one.
Then we loved them both so much that we just bought another new Mini.  Here is the latest one parked in our driveway just after the great blizzard
of December 2010